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Whole-Room Safe to Secure Valuable Collections (or Secret Lairs) | Luxurb

Whole-Room Safe to Secure Valuable Collections (or Secret Lairs)

Like something out of a James Bond movie or Ayn Rand novel, there are apparently some people with so much valuable stuff that an entire room is required to contain it all. Well, not necessarily: some collectors want to show things off in larger spaces, or need display areas for sales purposes, too.

Dottling designs some of the largest safes in the world, and has been for nearly a century. They work on high-end, custom and one-of-a-kind products as well as restoring antiques and upgrading their security.

So what can you put in this room? A secret stash of priceless art, fine jewelry, rare watches, gold, silver, diamonds, you name it and a vault-type door protects it just like a bank. They can also come equipped with sound and media systems, humidors, heating and cooling of course, even safes within your safe to be, uh, extra safe.

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