Problem With Pirates? Repo Man + Special Forces = Team Vessex

You thought getting a BMW back was tough? Think ‘repo man’ and multiply that idea by a million (or two) –  Max Hardberger and his team at VessEx (short for ‘Vessel Extraction’) are kind of like the Navy Seals of high-end asset repossession, covering everything from cars, planes and yachts to 10,000-ton tankers.

Their group has gone up against everything from  Haitian rebels,and Caribbean pirates to the Russian mafia. Hardberger’s personal resume is also impressively broad – he has been ”ship captain, scuba diver, aircraft pilot, flight instructor, surveyor, attorney, writer, musician, and even a high school English teacher.”

Arrested, abandoned, detained or stolen? These folks will get your ship back to you at top speed (even if that is just a few miles per hour for a super-tanker). From the website: “Established in 2002, VessEx provides ship and aircraft recovery and anti-piracy services to mortgagees, owners, charterers and insurers. We’ve worked in some of the world’s toughest environments, from crime-infested ports to war zones, to protect the interests of our clients. Not only does VessEx offer complete asset recovery and protection services—from strategy development to physical deployments—but our diverse methods are designed to avoid costly mistakes while maximizing client returns.”

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